I am an interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, painting, sculpture/ installation, photography and video. Within my art practice I was initially investigating the history and exotification of Indian art and culture, and my mixed-media works questioned the practices of Orientalism, kitsch appropriation, and the mass-production and consumption of culturally-specific iconography. My recent projects explore the strange and surreal aspects of cultural hybridity. I am interested in how distinct cultural experiences have shaped us all, and I am also researching the points where these distinctions overlap, and where unique, hybrid and odd cultural phenomenon emerge.

The narratives in my interdisciplinary projects address issues of cultural dislocation and the cultural schizophrenia that can occur in the translation/ transmutation of time and space. I am specifically interested in the contemporary transmission of visual culture, and the surreal experiences of women who lead trans-cultural lives. These narratives are based in facts and fictions rooted in specific cultural histories, which I then re-contextualize and re-imagine.